How to use the tracking functionality with a login.

If you are an existing client with us, then please contact us, and we will create a “Company Code” and “Password” with your provided email address.

a) Once you have access to the WebTracker, you can access all of your shipments by clicking on the header “Forwarding” followed by “Shipments”. Click find to see all shipments, or alternatively enter a reference number such as a House Bill number found on your Arrival Notice.

b) You can also access all invoices, information on outstanding amounts and the paid dates by clicking the “Accounts” header and clicking “Find”.


How to use the tracking functionality without a login.

a) Open the Arrival Notice for your LCL/FCL cargo. This would’ve been sent to you by a representative at Ocean & Air Cargo Services.

b) Find the “House Bill of Lading” number which is to the right of the “Ocean Bill of Lading” number.

c) Copy this number and input it into the empty form under “Shipment/House Bill/Direct Master Number”.

d) Click Find and it will show the current milestones of your shipment.


LCL/FAK Milestones Explained

Sea Cargo Report Sent: This indicates that an operator at Ocean & Air Cargo Services has lodged a statement to Customs, about cargo being carried on board a vessel arriving in                 Australia from a place outside Australia.

Arrival Notice Issued: This explains that the arrival notice of the impending cargo shipment has been sent to the client or customs broker.

Invoice Raised: Refers to the issuing of invoice of local destination charges, customs clearance and cartage (if required).

Cargo Customs Cleared: Refers to the clearing of your cargo of any customs/biosecurity hold. This usually occurs once customs has approved of the cargo, and payment has been received for the invoice raised.

Cargo Available: Once cargo has been collected by the CFS operator, it will need to be unpacked before cargo is available to be delivered. Once cargo available shows completed, this means that cartage can be organised for delivery to your address.

Freight Collected from Depot: Refers to your cargo being collected from the unpack warehouse and is currently with a carrier or driver for delivery on the same day or next day.

Cargo Delivered to Consignee: The completed status will show once an operator has received confirmation that cargo has been delivered to the consignee, and a proof of delivery has been provided by our drivers.