Supply chain management is firmly established with business strategy and involves the active management of upstream and downstream activities.

The management of these activities is to enable and maximise perceived value in the eye of the client. It addresses the fundamental business problem of supplying goods and services to meet varying levels of demand in a complex and uncertain world


The Problem

Today’s supply chains are complex and global. Competitive forces demand that your supply chain stays agile and responsive to keep up with the competition. The rapid pace of today’s markets means your business needs to be proactive, not reactive to market changes.


The Effects

An inability to move at the rate of market changes means your business may well and truly fall behind in adapting to new market trends, your product lines will take longer to “go-to” market, and your competitors will be taking advantage of the gaps in the market before you have the chance to adapt.


The Solution

Ocean and Air Cargo Services has dealt with the challenges you face as an importer or exporter. Our experts bring a wealth of experience across a diverse range of industries to help you plan, execute and manage your supply chain. Best practice advice comes with the territory when you select Ocean and Air Cargo Services as your logistics partner.

  • Consultative design or re-design of your supply chain transforms international or domestic supply chains
  • Create more value through holistic, innovative end-to-end solutions (point of origin to point of consumption)
  • Capture value by identifying improvement potentials and remove significant cost from your supply chain
  • Benefit by our sector expertise and best practices, matched to your industry
  • End-to-end coverage with our domestic New Zealand footprint and global COSCO SHIPPING network