Customs clearance is a complex process and can seem daunting to many importers and exporters.

At Ocean & Air, we pride ourselves on providing efficient, reliable and comprehensive solutions to your cargo freight.
We have fully licensed friendly customs brokers who can assist with all questions. We will be able to ensure your cargo is cleared quickly and trouble-free.


What we offer?

Our staff members will diligently inspect your customs entry, tariff classification and customs documents to examine the various possible avenues to ensure that you receive the lowest possible import duty rates. In addition, our worldwide network of agents enables us to obtain customs documentation from your supplier on your behalf, and which will enable you to save time and focus your energy on your core business.

  • Customs clearance of import/export shipments for commercial goods, personal effects or temporary importation.
  • Customs consultancy for tariff classification, tariff concessions (Free Trade Agreements) and import GST and duties.
  • Electronic entry and customs entry for import shipments.
  • Bacc, quarantine inspection assistance, treatments including fumigation for quarantine risk materials.
  • Specialise in investigating anti-dumping taxes and researching risks and solutions to mitigate potential problems with importations.